Grant Livingston - Singer / Songwriter / Instrumentalist

photo ©2003 by Richard Sheinwald

  Grant Livingston
10201 SW 80th St
Miami, FL 33173

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Grant Livington named
Miami New Times
Best of Miami

Einstein and Gypsy Rose on a road trip, a guy who is way serious about eating pie, a French-speaking cat in a graveyard, armadillos, barnacles, an unleashed dog - you'll meet them all (and more) in the songs of Coconut Grove singer/songwriter Grant Livingston.

Grant Livingston has been a favorite at folk venues throughout Florida since the mid-eighties. An offbeat sense of humor comes through the stories told in Livingston's songs. His lyrics are relentlessly positive, whether he's teaching "a sailing lesson in three easy verses," (Pointy Side Up) or planning his own funeral! (A Little Invitation) As a guitarist Livingston employs a style which is a unique mix of ragtime, country blues, and early swing. Comfortably at home with the musical style of the 1920s he sometimes adds his interpretation of classic songs from the period to his performance of originals.

Raised in Miami, many of Grant's songs reflect his love for South Florida's land and waters, creatures and people. Grant weaves history, environment, and social commentary through these songs. Bringing Florida's past to light and making light of its present, he has earned the title of Miami's Historian-in-Song.

Livingston's songs appeal to the child in grownups, and to the adult in kids. He often plays for school, museum, and other children's programs. Active in the teaching of songwriting, Grant has appeared as a guest lecturer at a songwriting class at the University of Miami, and led songwriting workshops at the Florida Folk Festival, the Will McLean Folk Festival, and many others.


Florida Rain, tells the stories of Florida, including Voice of the River - about Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Julia Tuttle and Henry Flagler, Melaleuca trees,make an appearance, as well as each of the sixty-seven Florida counties. And of course there is the ever-popular singalong from the point of view of an Armadillo on I-75.

Let Me Off The Leash steps beyond the bounds of Grant's home state. Working in conjunction with Nashville producer Cliff Goldmacher, Livingston capitalizes on his swing influences by utilizing a "trio-plus-guest soloist" concept.

Other recordings include The One That Got Away, and tracks on numerous compilation recordings, notably the title track of the Will McLean Foundation's These Diamonds

Two recordings are due out soon - A Little Invitation and One Everglades.